On painting

Painting provides a protective coating that preserves the interior or the exterior surface by enabling them to withstand wear and tear. A well painted promotes optimum air quality within the rooms/building.

At smartrenos, our painting services include both interior and exterior but not limited to the followings:

1. All internal surfaces, walls, ceilings, doors, architraves, windows

2. Bath resurfacing

3. Tiles resurfacing

4. Old aluminum electrostatic painting

5. Floor epoxy coating

6. Energy-Efficient coatings

7. Lead paint removals/encapsulation

8. Acoustical ceiling tile refurbishing

9. Bar joist ceilings

10. Caulking

11. Commercial and Industrial cleaning

12. Institutional paint application

13. Plant shut-down work

14. Storage silo painting

15. Wallpaper removal and installation

16 Maintenance programs

17. Color consultation

18. Interior staining/varnishing

19. Decorative Finishes

20. Any other internal or external painting

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